Teaching Methods

Your education and the progress you make is the most important part of your stay with us. Our classes are friendly, informal and engaging and our teachers are kind and supportive and ensure that all our students feel comfortable.


Our qualified, experienced teachers are carefully trained to ensure that you receive the best tuition, using a balance of traditional techniques and modern methodologies. Lessons are interactive, with an emphasis on communication; teachers encourage students to speak in class to increase their confidence and fluency.

Throughout your journey at School, your progress will be monitored and you will receive constructive feedback to ensure you get the most out of your course.

It is really important that you find your lessons engaging. Teachers make use of newspaper articles, TV and internet to make discussions relevant and interesting and introducing students to modern culture and way of life. They also ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate in class by using a combination of individual study, group activities and practice in pairs. In addition to classwork, you will be given homework to complete outside of class to help you digest the information from each lesson.


you will have the opportunity to meet and make friends with people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. An advantage of this is that you will need to speak in English to communicate with your new friends, as it may be the only language in common. All our classrooms are ‘English-only environments’, which means that even when you meet students from the same country, you are encouraged to communicate as much as possible in English.

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